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Featured Artists


Derec Donovan

Derec is a published comic book penciler, inker, colorist, and writer. His career started in 1994 working on L.E.G.I.O.N. for DC Comics and during the past 19 years, Derec has worked for every major publisher in comics. He has worked on virtually every major recognizable character in comics. Derec's imagination has brought to life Batman, Venom, Green Lantern, Avengers, X-Men, JLA, JSA, Superman and a host of other characters.

Artist Alley

The Handmade Nerd

rachelle daix profile.jpg

I’m Rachelle & I’m the owner & designer of The Handmade Nerd. I love to sew & I spend most of my free time creating. I’m a former vendor at STCC and I’m so glad to be back with new items & designs! I will have dog collars, makeup & travel bags, purses & a few other small items.

web profile.jpg

Nichole Anderson

felix matos web.jpg

Felix Matos

Felix Matos is a painter of horror and movie art on canvas. Writer, producer, and director of the movie "PUMPKEN". Three times winner of the 48hrs Lake Charles film festival challenge for his movies "The Traveler", "Tooth", and “Reel Life”.  Artist, gypsy, musician. Owner of And coming soon “HallowInk Studios“. You can catch him at many conventions all over the country but, he is based in Mandeville, Louisiana.

misty lopez profile.jpg

Adorkable By Design

I'm Misty, and I own Adorkable By Design.  Stop by table A18 and browse my selection of handmade plush, hoods, and unusual gifts.  Come try your hand at the Claw Machine and win fun prizes, no ones a loser at this table.  Also check me out on Instagram @adorkablebydesign

graves profile.jpg

Graves' Goodies

Husband and Wife Creatives, Ben and Kristen Graves collaborate to make & hand-paint 3D printed art such as Models, Busts, Minatures, Cosplay Accessories, Props, Masks, & Kits.

John Holland profile.jpg

John Holland

I'm excited to be a part of this convention again! I had such a great time last year. What you can expect to see at my booth is a variety of paintings of Star Wars characters, DC and Marvel characters, Dr. Who, and so much more! 

WEB profile.jpg

Celestial Dragon Design

Handmade scalemaille, amigurumi, crochet, and more!

cori lee profile.jpg


Since 2015, CorsPlasticSmores has specialized in bringing pixel art to the NOLA community! Her colorful art ranges from video game sprites, to anime chibis, pop culture references, and so much more!  Come check out her beaded beauties at the next STCC!   Don't forget --- if you can dream it, she can bead it. CorsPlasticSmores happily takes commissions!

blerdish profile.jpg


We are podcast duo that sell for various independent comic book creators and artists. We are in the process of creating our own comic/coloring book.

Writer and creator of neat stuff.  Published by Fantagraphics, Malibu, Kitchen Sink, Innovation, Comic Zone, and others.  Currently writing AYLA SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD for Insane Comics. Writer of Boxie, A Short History of Voodoo, Joe Bushkin, Life During Wartime and more!  Writer of the music interview book Voices to hear.

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