STCC hosted the following panels in November of 2022!  

Panel #1 - 12 P.M.

It's More Than Games

Join Imagination Veterans Adam Van Hoozer as he talks about Imagination Veterans, a non-profit dedicated to service members, family and community, find out how you can get involved to help them reach more people in need.

Panel #2 - 1 P.M.

It's Morphin Time with Jason Narvy & Paul Schrier

This dynamic due recounts their time as Bull and Skull, life, cons and anything in between. 

Panel #3 - 2 P.M.

Creating A Comic: Concept to Reality

Join Jon McCarthy and Robby Musso as they talk about what it takes to create a comic from idea to reality.

Panel #4 - 3 P.M.

Twitch Streaming Basics

Cosplayer LigerZero goes over what it takes to start and maintain your presense on Twitch.